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Don't let yard work eat up your entire weekend! Call Kratz Landscaping to do the heavy lifting so you can relax with the family, watch the game, or take a little time to yourself. Our team will leave your yard looking as well-kept as any park!

With an eye for detail and reliable mowing and trimming machines, we'll keep your grass nice and short. Set up a weekly mowing or call us as needed.

From edging to trimming, raking, and debris removal, your lawn will be perfectly manicured with just one call. Customizable services are available.

When you start seeing patches of dead grass or struggling shrubs, it's time to call in our knowledgeable experts. We'll get your lawn growing again.

From flowers to shrubs and trees, we have a wide range of plants available for planting and transplanting. The combinations are endless!

Mowing services Your personal park Optimizing growth We'll handle all the planting